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Team Triad is a proud partner of the US Air Force, delivering various experiential training programmes and keynotes to leaders across Europe and Africa. Training topics include the leader as coach, personal impact, self-leadership and supporting systemic equity.

Our department had not hosted an in-person conference in two years due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. As a regional manager, I felt disconnected from our field staff’s program needs as I had not met many of them. We are a military organization providing services and advocating for military members and employees in various customer-centred programs. I noticed that our department was disconnected and too comfortable with operating within our siloed programs. As a department offering people-based and community-driven programs, we lost sight of the bigger picture and system of support for our internal team and interdepartmental programs. Our staff members seemed overwhelmed, exhausted from meetings, and headed towards burnout.

However, Katie and Team Triad reinvigorated our department by utilizing their leadership and personal development experiential learning approach. They took us on a journey to align ourselves with both personal and organizational goals. The exercises we went through illuminated the opportunities to break barriers by taking ownership of our own behaviours. We safely explored different positions and understood the many barriers that existed between people and ourselves. It was a remarkable exploration that led me to think about my interactions as both a leader and participant in our working system. Team Triad facilitated our discussions and helped us harness the wisdom of our relationships. Their approach for elevating alignment, learning, and self-discovery was invaluable and greatly impacted our department.

Heather Bradley
United States Air Force

“Excited to have launched our Supporting Systemic Equity series with the United States Air Force, which kicked off at Lakenheath Air Base last week. Huge thanks to Kimberly Strong, Heather Bradley & Tasia Pittman for championing this initiative and of course to our hugely talented Jeffrey Wotherspoon for his masterful facilitation. “ #leadership #impact #energy

“We are delighted to be collaborating with the United States Air Force for the COMUSAFE Squadron Leadership Courses across 2023, bringing coaching to Air and Space leaders across Europe and Africa. Here’s a picture of Katie Churchman, delivering The Leader as Coach keynote at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.” #coaching #coachapproach #leadershipdevelopment

It was a real privilege being invited to be a part of the USAFE-AFAFRICA Integrated Resilience Conference in Venice this week. What a brilliant group of human beings, bringing so much energy, openness and joy to our sessions. And of course, a delight to have such a beautiful city as a backdrop for the work. Thanks for welcoming us into the US Air Force ‘family’

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