The Team Triad approach is supported by the 3-Levels of Leadership, a model that describes the conditions necessary to create sustainable and high-performing teams. We train leaders in this model as we support organizations and teams in addressing the issues that are crucial to performance. Our approach is more than a team-building event. It is a methodology that supports change over time.


The first level of leadership heightens our awareness around how we communicate. How can I communicate consciously and intentional, both with myself and other people, and close the gap between how I think I am being and how I actually impact others.


The second level of leadership focuses on collaborating with other people. How can we sense and work with the emotions of others, create co-responsibility and accountability for team dynamics and help teams to find alignment around a common purpose or goal.


The third level of leadership explores the power of creative leadership. How can this organisation support the growth and development of its people by inviting open discussion, promoting a growth mindset and enabling cultural shifts.

An integrated approach to Leadership Development that considers multiple levels of awareness


The triangle is the strongest shape in nature and at Triad we believe an integrated approach to leadership, that flexibly navigates the different levels of leadership, is essential for the long-term sustainability and growth of organisations. Whether you believe leaders are born or made, to build high-performing teams, enhance your people’s expertise and prepare and elevate the next generation of leaders, it is important to invest in developing your people. Not only will leadership development benefit your employees, but the ripple effect will also be felt throughout your entire organisation

Our Process.


Meeting you where you are at is essential for understanding your specific business objectives, establishing trust & creating a clear path for working together.


For us there is no one-size fits all approach for unlocking leadership potential. We collaborate with you to create impactful and measurable results.


Our sessions are energetic, experiential & instantly applicable- so that your people can immediately start applying the tools & skills.


We go above and beyond the training room to build lasting leadership development cultures that create tangible and sustainable change.

Style of Learning:

Key Benefits:

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At Team Triad, our integrated approach is supported by the 3 Levels of Leadership, a model…

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