An Integrated Approach To Leadership Development

At Team Triad, our integrated approach is supported by the 3 Levels of Leadership, a model which considers multiple levels of leadership awareness: leadership of self, leadership of others and leadership of systems. In today’s VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous), we believe that a holistic approach to leadership, that considers how we communicate, collaborate, and create in leadership, is essential for creating high performing and sustainable teams and organisations. Below we have broken down each of the levels to give you a better understanding of what we can explore with your people.

Level 1 – Leadership of self

This level focuses on communication. Great leaders have a strong sense of self-awareness, including how we communicate. We want your employees to understand how they show up and how they present to others, particularly those they lead. There is often a gap between how we think we’re being, and how we actually impact others, and our training model will encourage your people to bridge the gap positively, by considering their emotional intelligence and how they can move forward with an increase in awareness.

Level 2 – Leadership of others

This level lives in the space of collaboration. Here we look at how your people work with others, and most importantly how they navigate conflict. Despite the widespread view that conflict is negative, we view conflict as a signal that something is trying to happen, providing an opportunity for teams to reconnect around a common purpose or goal, by aligning around how they want to work together- most importantly, when things get hard! We help your people work with emotional fields and manage the energy of others. Levels 1 and 2 are supported by the work of Psychologist Daniel Goleman’s theory of Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI) which focuses on self-regulation, self-awareness, relationship skills, and social awareness.

Level 3 - Leadership in systems

We all live within multiple systems, whether it be family, teams or organisations. This level looks at creation, and how we can lean into the power of collective intelligence. We focus on Relationships Systems Intelligence (RSI) and the connection between members of a system, i.e., your teams. Relationship Systems Intelligence can help your people to embrace leadership as a role that belongs to the system and harness the power of collective wisdom. This level is inspired by the work of ICF coach training school, CRR Global, who brought Relationship Systems Intelligence to the world through the Organizational & Relationship Systems Coaching curriculum (ORSC). We stand on the shoulders of giants, blending and building on some of the best practical and theoretical approaches to leadership. We want to encourage you too to grow this work in your world. At Team Triad we believe that 1 + 1 = 3. Essentially, that the whole is the greater sum of its parts. Join us in creating a global ripple effect of great leadership! 

Each of the 3 levels are interdependent. While certain programmes may focus on one or two of the levels, our approach will inform the way we show up and lead in all the levels at the same time. The levels are not linear, and we don’t believe that they should be thought of as a tick boxing exercise. Just because we excel at working with a team in one moment and on one day, doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve done all the work that we need to do on ourselves! Leadership development is cyclical and a life-long journey and so is our attitude towards training and coaching. We believe that our approach is more than a team-building event. It is a methodology that supports change over time. All of our programmes at Triad offer an experience of each of the levels of leadership, to provide your people with a much more integrated approach to leadership development.

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