The Benefits Of Team Coaching In The Workplace

We’ve all been part of many different teams. Some may have been positive and impactful experiences whereas others might be ones we’re happy to forget! So, what is the magic formula for making teams tick? In this article we’re going to look at Team Coaching as a process for developing sustainable and high-performing teams.

What is Team Coaching?

Team Coaching is a form of development that helps your teams to align, adapt and innovate to drive business results. At Team Triad we focus on communication, collaboration, and creativity, to unite your team’s purpose with enthusiasm and dedication to open up the channels of connections. You may have felt the benefits of individual coaching, and team coaching is similar in that it helps teams to improve performance, through processes that support great communication, collaboration and creative thinking. It will give your staff the tools to work together effectively and will improve overall productivity to bring about a common goal.

What is it not?

When thinking about team coaching you may envisage whole days of lectures and training, sessions that may have your staff bored to tears. Team Coaching is a collaborative and interactive approach that enables your teams to work harmoniously and successfully. A coach differs from a trainer by working with the team as the client and serving to help the team progress towards its defined meeting objectives and desired outcomes. This helps the team to see itself and inviting open discussion, promoting a growth mindset and enabling cultural shifts. Team coaching focuses on the overall team as a whole, and holds each member as a “voice of the system.” In this way, it is less about who is doing what to whom but what is trying to happen.

Who is it for?

Team Coaching is for any intact team. At Triad we define an intact team as a group of people whose members are interdependent and aligned around a common purpose or goal. Interdependence is when two or more people are dependent on each other, and when it is working harmoniously there is a balance of self and others in the relationship.

So, if you are working with…

…then Team Triad’s in-person and virtual team coaching solutions can help!

What are the benefits?

Team coaching will ultimately benefit your business exponentially. It will help foster a supportive environment and push your teams to better understand how to lift one another up. Your team will be able to develop a deeper bond and strengthen their working relationships. Staff who value one another will be able to work together better and will experience a positive cultural shift While all of these things will benefit your staff, their refreshed focus on teamwork and renewed energy will be the driving force to benefit your business, having a great impact on your bottom line. If you feel as though team coaching will benefit your business get in touch! At Team Triad, we focus on building long term relationships with our clients to achieve long term goals so if you believe that we can help we’d love to hear from you.

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