How Women’s Leadership in Sport is Paving the Way for Leadership in Business

With England’s Lionesses bringing it home at the Euros in July, women in leadership roles in sports…

An Integrated Approach To Leadership Development

At Team Triad, our integrated approach is supported by the 3 Levels of Leadership, a model…

How To Effectively Lead A Hybrid Team

Flexible working is here to stay, with a hybrid work format bridging the gap between in-office hours and working from home.

What makes a great graduate programme?

Our graduate training programmes work in collaboration with your graduate schemes, helping your entry-level recruits find…

Practical Strategies For Communicating Effectively When Working Remotely

The ability to work remotely has been a saving grace for many businesses since the start of the pandemic…

What’s The Difference Between Training And Coaching?

So you’re wondering if there’s any real difference between Training and Coaching? Training and Coaching are both highly effective ways of developing people within your organisation.

The Benefits Of Team Coaching In The Workplace

We’ve all been part of many different teams. Some may have been positive and impactful experiences…

Virtual Or In-Person Training: The Pros And Cons

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of our trainers and coaches had to quickly adapt to facilitating online.

What Makes A High-Performing Team?

Our teams lay the groundwork for a successful business. Their actions and interactions can determine…

Why Do All Our Development Programmes Live Under The Umbrella Of Leadership?

You might be wondering why we’ve framed all our development programmes as ‘leadership programmes.’

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